What service does an recruitment agency provide?
We have clients who register their job vacancies each day with us. Then this information is shared with the candidates who have registered with us who are looking for work.
What advantages does an recruitment agency give me?
We take away your stress in looking through many cv’s for clients and for candidate, we have major contracts that allow us to be the first to hear about the job.
What are the expectations required from me?
Do not lie about your level of experience and qualifications.  Always be honest. CV’s and Job interviews are about matching needs; if there isn’t a good match, then most likely the job isn’t for you.
I am not happy at work but I am nervous about leaving, can you advice me?
We can discuss your current situation and look at the options going forward.  Most of us have been in the same sort of predicament in the past. Always remember there is no pressure, it will be entirely your choice if you would like to take things further
How do I register?”
Simply go the homepage and register your details and one our experienced consultants will call you back to assess you through a detailed telephone interview.
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